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Retrofit Battery Storage

Located within the Cynon Valley, a journey towards sustainable practices has begun at a local Community Building. With the integration of battery storage technology into the existing solar PV system, the Community Building is poised to embark on a path towards optimised energy efficiency and projected cost savings.

Maximising Solar Energy Utilisation:

The Community Building recognised the potential of solar energy but faced a challenge: their peak energy demand occurred during evening hours when solar generation was limited. This called for a solution that could unlock the full benefits of solar power, irrespective of timing.

The Power of Battery Storage:

By implementing battery storage alongside their solar PV system, surplus energy generated during the day can be intelligently stored for use during the Community Building's evening hours of high energy consumption. This innovative technology offers a promising solution to achieve energy independence and projected cost savings.

Benefits for the Community Building:

  • Reduced Reliance on the Grid: The battery storage system reduces the Community Buildings dependence on the national grid during peak hours, ensuring a more reliable energy supply.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency.

  • With the integration of battery storage, the building can maximise the use of their solar PV system. Excess solar energy that would otherwise go unused can be stored and intelligently deployed during periods of high demand, increasing overall energy efficiency.

  • Projected Cost Savings: By optimising solar energy utilisation and reducing reliance on traditional electricity sources, the community center is expected to see significant cost savings in the long run. Although the immediate impact may not be seen, the projected savings demonstrate the financial benefits of adopting battery storage technology.

  • Environmental Impact: By embracing renewable energy and minimising reliance on grid electricity, the Community Building contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the Cynon Valley.

Inspiring a Sustainable Community:

The Community Building's commitment to solar power and battery storage technology serves as an inspiration for other local businesses and organisations. By showcasing the potential of renewable energy initiatives, it encourages the community to embrace sustainability and work towards a brighter future.


With the recent integration of battery storage technology, the Community Building is poised to unlock the full potential of solar power. While the immediate cost savings may not be realised, the projected benefits in terms of reduced grid reliance and increased energy efficiency point towards a promising future. Through their dedication to renewable energy, the community center paves the way for a sustainable and environmentally conscious Cynon Valley.

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