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Solar PV and Battery Storage

At GMI Electrical we have a passion for delivering high quality Solar PV installations that are designed specifically for your needs. We look closely at what size and type of system would work best for you, if you have already done some research on the sort of system you want then we will listen to that and have a discussion with you to make sure you are fully informed and happy with the equipment we are pricing. Similarly, if you have not done any research then that is also fine, there are so many products out there that sometimes it can be hard to navigate through to find what works best for your needs, this is why we are here to help and guide you through the best system possible for your budget.

Battery Storage

Battery storage is a great way to store surplus solar power ensuring it can be used during high consumption times and prevents the power going to waste by stopping it from being exported back to the grid. Battery storage can also be used to charge up from the grid during low cost periods or what we call ‘off peak’ times. This power can then be discharged back into the property during the ‘peak’ times. An example of this would be that between 00:00 and 4:00am the electricity price, the battery will automatically charge up during this window and store the reduced cost electricity. During the rest of the day the cost may be higher, however the battery will then discharge its stored power and therefore save you buying in the peak tariff power to run the home.


The other benefit of a battery storage system is that if you have a power cut then the battery can keep elements of your home up and running. Each battery system does this in a slightly different way and if this is something you would be interested in then let us know and we can discuss the options available.


Solar Diverter

A great way to harness the excess energy produced by a solar array is with the use of an energy diverter like the iboost or the Eddi. This allows you to send surplus solar energy to a resistive element, like an immersion heater in a hot water cylinder or an electric element in a towel radiator.

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