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30kw Solar PV with Solshare

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

A recently completed project by GMI Electrical in the Cynon Valley as part of a Optimised Retro Programme introduced by the Welsh Government.

The 90 panel Solar PV installation utilises a SolShare to monitor the demand of each connected flat and every 200 milliseconds determines optimal solar delivery to maximise on site solar, which directly correlates to maximising savings. Being able to tailor the solar delivery 5 times a second results in up to 55% more solar being consumed on site when compared to if each flat had their own individual solar system.

SolShare benefits:

• Reduces every household’s electricity bill. • Qualifies for SAP 10 PV credits, typically gaining 5 – 15 points per flat. • Increases every flat’s EPC rating. • Monitors all energy data, which can be shared under GDPR rules. • Fault and performance monitoring - no recurring maintenance required.. • Applicable for government funding, including SHDF wave 2. • Recognised as 'Innovation measure of substantial uplift' by Ofgem for ECO4

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