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The Sustainable Shift: Rethinking Lighting in Large-scale Facilities

GMI Electrical is currently amidst its most ambitious project yet: a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade within a vast manufacturing facility located in South Wales. Spanning an area over half a kilometre, this project represents a significant advancement in sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Our team has seamlessly integrated standalone microwave sensor lights in the facility’s storage and circulation areas, ensuring efficient energy usage. In certain manufacturing sections where microwave sensors may be less suitable, daylight harvesting controls have been strategically employed. This approach ensures that artificial lighting is only activated when necessary, allowing the facility to utilise natural light effectively and conserve energy.

Transitioning from traditional fluorescent and high-pressure sodium lighting to modern LED technology signifies a major step towards enhancing energy efficiency within the facility. Accompanied by sophisticated lighting controls, the new system is designed to minimise the facility’s overall energy consumption significantly.

We have provided the client with a detailed design, calculated lux levels, and a comprehensive return on investment analysis. This ensures clarity and demonstrates the potential benefits and effectiveness of the new lighting system.

Operations have been conducted with precision and care, ensuring that the facility’s production remains uninterrupted. Our team is committed to maintaining a safe working environment and ensuring that the installation process aligns smoothly with the client’s schedules and operational flows.

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