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Solar PV System Powers Up Historic South Wales Theatre

GMI Electrical has brought sustainable energy to a 1930s art deco style theatre in the South Wales Valleys. The installation of a SolarEdge PV system and battery storage promises a more eco-friendly and efficient future for this historic venue.

Key Features:

Efficiently converts sunlight into renewable electricity, ensuring reliable performance in diverse weather conditions.

Overcoming Shading Challenges:

Independently operating panels prevent shaded areas from compromising the overall system's output.

Battery Storage:

Stores excess solar energy during the day, reducing grid reliance and lowering operational costs during evening performances.

Real-time Monitoring:

SolarEdge monitoring Tracks each PV panel's performance in real-time, allowing prompt identification and resolution of any issues or inefficiencies.


GMI Electrical's installation not only enhances the theatre's sustainability but also showcases the compatibility of the arts and eco-friendly energy solutions. This historic venue in the South Wales Valleys now stands as a practical example of a greener, more efficient future.

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