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Recessed Solar PV

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

GMI Electrical Ltd has recently completed the installation of a recessed Solar PV system coupled together with battery storage a Solar compatible EV charger and Eddi Solar Diverter.

recessed solar pv south wales
recessed solar pv south wales

Overview of the system:

The solar array is a 16 panel recessed system with a total output of 6.48kw.

The battery storage can either be charged using the Solar PV system or can be programmed to charge at night using a reduced economy 7 tariff for use at peak times.

The EV charger can operate in multiple modes, standard - this uses whichever source of energy is available at the time, Solar mode - this mode will only charge vehicle with excess power from solar that would otherwise return to grid, Solar + Grid - this will utilise a small amount of energy from grid with the remaining from Solar.

The Solar Power Diverter is connected to the immersion heater of the hot water cylinder, it will detect any excess solar that is being exported back to the grid and will use this to heat the water.

Any solar energy that is exported back to the grid will be eligible for Smart Export Guarantee payments which allows you to be paid for any energy you send back to grid. This can either be at fixed cost per unit around 15p, or using the battery storage there is an option to feed back to the grid in peak times and earn even more per unit.

scaffolding solar pv
scaffolding solar pv

solax cloud
solax cloud

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