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LED Lighting Upgrade at a South Wales School

We're thrilled to share our recent project completed during the school half term—an exciting LED lighting upgrade at a school in South Wales. This project was in response to new regulations phasing out fluorescent lighting and the need to replace faulty fixtures.

Our decision to transition to LED lighting was driven by compliance with regulations and a desire to improve lighting levels for school activities, including sports events. Safety was a key consideration, with impact-rated LED fixtures and secondary supports installed to enhance safety during sports activities.

LED technology brings notable benefits, including energy efficiency and durability, while reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

This project is just one of several completed over the half term, and we look forward to sharing updates on our other recent projects in the coming weeks. We're committed to delivering practical solutions that enhance learning environments. Stay tuned for more updates on our recent projects!

LED Lighting in sports hall side view
Sports Hall LED lighting side view

LED lighting in sports hall
Sports Hall LED lighting

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