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GMI Electrical Enhances Safety and Efficiency with External Lighting Installation

GMI Electrical has successfully completed an external lighting installation for a commercial premesis during the recent half term. The project focuses on improving safety and operational efficiency through the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting.


Key Features:

1. LED Technology: The newly installed LED lighting ensures superior brightness and longevity, enhancing visibility for students and staff.


2. Energy Efficiency: GMI prioritizes sustainability, and the energy-efficient LED lighting contributes to reduced operational costs for the school.


3. Intelligent Controls: The lighting system incorporates photocell and time switch controls, optimizing energy usage by operating only when necessary.



1. Enhanced Safety: The upgraded lighting system improves safety at entry and exit points, minimizing the risk of accidents.


2. Cost Savings: Energy-efficient technology and intelligent controls lead to tangible cost savings for the school.



GMI Electrical remains committed to delivering excellence in electrical services. For inquiries or to explore how GMI Electrical can enhance your premises, contact us at

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